Compatibility with Windows XP and Vista

FlashBoot is fully functional under Windows XP and Windows Vista. FlashBoot does not mount registry hives, FAT filesystems, WIM and VHD images via Windows kernel. These features are implemented inside FlashBoot, without invocation of platform-specific tools.

If you run FlashBoot under Windows XP, formatting in UEFI mode will still work, but because resulting USB thumbdrive will have GPT layout (instead of usual MBR layout), you won't be able to view list of files on the resulting USB thumbdrive in Windows XP File Explorer. Under Windows Vista/7/8.x/10/11 resulting USB thumbdrive will be perfectly viewable. FlashBoot will still recognize USB thumbdrive with GPT layout even in Windows XP if you need to reformat it.

Portable Edition

Portable software is a type of software which does not require installation and can be run from removable media or from the network share. It runs without modifying Windows Registry and without leaving traces on host computer, storing its state and settings in INI files if neccessary.

FlashBoot also has portable edition.

Portable FlashBoot Free can be downloaded from this link:

Portable FlashBoot Free can be converted to Portable FlashBoot Pro by adding license_key.xml to it. You will have a separate link to download this file after your order. Alternatively, you can copy this file from C:\Program Files\FlashBoot folder, where your copy of FlashBoot Pro was installed by mainstream (non-portable) installer.

There is no difference in binary files between Portable FlashBoot and installable FlashBoot. FlashBoot detects its "portability" by presence of FlashBoot.ini. If this file does not exist, then FlashBoot stores its state and settings in Windows Registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FlashBoot\3.0 registry key), otherwise it stores its state and settings in FlashBoot.ini.

User Guide

Download user guide in compiled HTML (CHM) format: UserGuide-3.3q.chm [7.7 Mb]

Or in portable document format (PDF): UserGuide-3.3q.pdf [8.6 Mb]


FlashBoot awards:

FindMySoft editors have created video review showcasing FlashBoot menus and features.

About technology

FlashBoot is protected against reverse engineering by VMProtect.

FlashBoot is using wxWidgets library for GUI.

FlashBoot setup is powered by InnoSetup.