Affiliate Program of PrimeExpert Software

If you own website or blog with audience interested in FlashBoot or Emergency Boot Kit, this is for you.

Affiliates are online marketers who feature FlashBoot and Emergency Boot Kit on their websites, blogs, newsletters, social media sites or anything else you can think of. PrimeExpert Software standard affiliate commission is 35%. We offer higher commission rates for partners who meet certain performance-per-months requirements (contact us for details).

Benefits of our Affiliate Program

  • Free to join: no setup fees and no minimum performance requirements
  • Accurate tracking, granular reporting
  • 100% guaranteed payout
  • Self-customization of payment method after signup
  • Rewards for top-performing partners

Step by step guide

  1. Register as a PrimeExpert Software affiliate on the PayPro Global platform.
  2. Review PrimeExpert Software affiliate campaign details (enrolled products and markets).
  3. Get FlashBoot and/or Emergency Boot Kit affiliate order URL(s) and place them on your website.
  4. Earn from each order which originated from your website.
  5. Receive your monthly payouts from PayProGlobal, starting from 15th of the next month.

You can be selling today. Yes, it's as easy as that. Don't wait, start selling now.