Privacy Policy

Clean installation and deinstallation

  • Our products do not contain malware, viruses and browser toolbars.
  • Our products do not contain kernel-mode DRM components.
  • Our products do not contain services and modules which are continuously running in the background (without visible windows).
  • Our products do not subvert components of running OS and/or components of third-party software.
  • Installers of our products are not time limited, you can use them after any delay you like.
  • Installers of our products include all necessary dependencies and do not access the Internet.
  • Both free and paid editions of our products do not require online activation after the installation.
  • You can install and use paid edition of our products on any number of computers you own, even if you bought just one license.
  • We do not track installations and deinstallations, our products do not open browser windows without user's consent.
  • Deinstaller of our products always removes all executable files and DLLs which were added by installer.
  • Installation and deinstallation may be avoided altogether by using portable version of FlashBoot (and Emergency Boot Kit is always portable software).
  • Both free and paid editions of our products are not bound to computer or any hardware component of it (such as CPU, motherboard or network adapter).
  • Both free and paid editions of our products are not bound to any storage device or information medium (such as USB thumbdrive, CD or HDD).
  • Functionality of our products is not artificially limited depending on region, language or locale.


  • Our products do not initiate outgoing connections to any Internet servers or to any servers in the local network.
  • Our products do not act as servers and do not accept any incoming connections from the Internet or from the local network.
  • Our products do not collect any unique identifiers of users or hardware components of user's computers, and do not generate such unique identifiers themselves.
  • Our products do not collect any names, personal data, contacts, interests, settings, hardware configurations, usage statistics and error reports from user's computers.
  • Our products do not collect any passwords, keys, payment data, location data and any other security-sensitive data from user's computers.
  • We do not track nicknames and activity of our users in the social networks.

Updates are under your control

  • Users of paid version (who paid once) have a lifetime right for free updates to new versions of our product(s).
  • There are no automatic updates, updating is always performed manually at your discretion by downloading and installing new version from permanent private URL.
  • It's OK to download updates on another PC or via phone, there are no hardware IDs in update URLs.
  • You can stay on the older version of our product(s) as long as you like.
  • You can use both old and new version of our product(s) simultaneously, if you deem this necessary.

Personal data

  • When ordering paid version of our products, you will be asked to enter your personal data: full name, optional company name, billing address, e-mail address and optional phone number.
  • This data is asked for anti-fraud reasons and processed by PayProGlobal (our payment processor) and then handed over to us, along with randomly generated order ID.
  • This data does not include any payment details (such as your credit card number or your bank account number).
  • This data becomes a part of your license key for our product(s) and is necessary to establish legal identity of licensee.
  • This data will not be shared with or sold to any third parties by us.
  • This data is stored in encrypted form on our servers, and there is no way to decrypt it without knowing exact order ID (decryption key for your personal data is derived from order ID, which is not stored on our servers).
  • Aforementioned storage of encrypted personal data is necessary for private update URLs to work.
  • Personal data is always transferred over secure and encrypted channels (using https protocol).

No advertisement and no spam

  • We do not show advertisement banners in our products, in the documentation and on the website.
  • We do not send spam to your e-mail address specified during purchase of our product(s).
  • We do not give or sell to third parties your e-mail address or any other data specified during purchase of our product(s).
  • Our website does not push notifications and does not send news by e-mail (if you are interested in the news about new versions of our products, you can subscribe to RSS feed).

Cookies on this website

  • Cookies on this website are set when sending comments via feedback form and when voting for next feature of our products.
  • We don't use cookies to track your every action on this website.
  • We do not share cookies or other visitor data with third parties.
  • You can forbid cookies and/or JavaScript for this website in your browser settings, and it will not significantly affect your user experience.
  • This website does not use ETag Tracking, HTML5 Local Storage, Flash Cookies and other forms of supercookies.