Emergency Boot Kit

Emergency Boot Kit (formerly Emergency Boot CD) is a powerful toolset for data recovery and fixing unbootable computers. It is a self-contained bootable OS on USB thumbdrive with the following features:

  1. File Manager: Backup and restore files without Windows (has full support for Unicode and NTFS)
  2. Windows Password Wizard: Restore access to your PC when you forgot the password for Windows user account
  3. Registry Tools: Registry Editor (edit Registry even if Windows is not bootable) and Registry Defragmenter (reorganize Registry in such way that logically adjacent data is located physically nearby, so Registry works faster).
  4. Mount & Boot Center: Fix various boot problems and reassign drive letters outside of Windows.
  5. Partition Manager: Create, format, delete and wipe partitions; backup partitions to image files, restore them back, and copy partition-to-partition.

Demo Version vs Full Version

Demo version of Emergency Boot Kit can only read from, but can't write to fixed disks. Although it can write to USB thumbdrives and other removable media.

In full version of Emergency Boot Kit fixed disks are writeable. It is highly recommended to check the demo version before buying full version to verify against every possible hardware incompatibilities.

Deploying Emergency Boot Kit

To deploy Emergency Boot Kit on the USB thumbdrive, download and run Emergency Boot Kit 1.6r Deployment Tool.