Emergency Boot Kit Next Feature Poll

Which feature would you like to be implemented in the next Emergency Boot Kit release?
Tool to kick malware out of Windows Startup List (akin to Sysinternals AutoRuns, but offline) 34.6%
SSD-specific functions in Partition Manager (partition realignment, free space trimming etc) 23.7%
Support for mounting network filesystems (Windows Shared Folders, FTP, NFS) 20.8%
Access to the cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, MS SkyDrive, Ubuntu One, Amazon S3 etc) 8.8%
Multitasking, minimal support for emulation of Win32 applications (without DirectX and COM) 5.8%
Multilanguage interface, help file and website 4.2%
Support for ReFS (Resilient Filesystem) 2.0%
Total votes: 1131