About Transfer

FlashBoot Pro is not bound to hardware. You may install it on any number of computers you own, and use it to format any USB storage devices without limitation. FlashBoot Pro does not require activation and does not access network during installation or operation. You may transfer FlashBoot Pro to another computer at any time.

About Updates

We provide free lifetime upgrades for all users of FlashBoot, since 2005.

If you need to update your copy of the FlashBoot Pro to the latest version (with fixed bugs, added features etc), then just redownload from your order result URL and reinstall the software. For you convenience, this URL is also displayed on the "More Info..." screen of first page of FlashBoot wizard.

If you are user of FlashBoot 2.0-2.3a or FlashBoot 1.x, then you can update in such way: download and install FlashBoot Free, then copy your license key to its installation folder, e.g. C:\Program Files\FlashBoot.

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Feb, 17 of 2018 Minor update 3.0g released.

Fixed the following error which occured for all scenarios with CHS geometry translation (DOS, Windows XP, BartPE) starting from FlashBoot version 3.0:

Boot from USB disk failed, status <000003033>.
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to reboot.

Feb, 13 of 2018 Minor update 3.0f released.

Fixed regression for Windows 8 which was introduced in FlashBoot 3.0d. Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 were not affected.

Feb, 10 of 2018 Minor update 3.0e released.

Added AMD USB 3.1 host controller driver to FlashBoot builtin drivers

Feb, 03 of 2018 Minor update 3.0d released.

Full-featured Windows on USB storage device (installed from ISO/DVD in BIOS mode): fixed "OS not found" problem

Jan, 31 of 2018 Minor update 3.0c released.

Fixed a regression in VFS code which was introduced in version 3.0b

Jan, 26 of 2018 Minor update 3.0b released.

Starting from this version, it's possible to create self-extracting archives specifying root directory of some volume as a source directory.

Jan, 25 of 2018 Minor update 3.0a released.

  • Raw image writing: fixed stall of progress indication during zero padding operation
  • FlashBoot size was reduced due to better compression of screenshots in the help file

Jan, 22 of 2018 New version 3.0 released.

  • New features: driver integration and creation of self-extracting USB formatter EXE files
  • Dropped a lot of obsolete features related to floppies, CDs, DOS, Windows 9x and 10-year old versions of Linux
  • Simpler licensing model: Free and Pro editions, without time/use limitations
  • Free edition is useful on its own and roughly corresponds to other free tools on the market
  • Most of features from version 2.x were moved to Free edition
  • Simpler main menu, clearly separated "OS installer on USB" from "full OS on USB"
  • Improvements in command line version: flexible arguments, faster start time

Apr, 01 of 2017 Minor update 2.3i released.

The following errors were fixed in scenarios related to WIM expansion (they occured only in Windows 10 environment):

[ERROR] "\\?\Volume{...}\": Path format not recognized
[WARNING] - Could not set short names on ... files or directories

Nov, 30 of 2016 Minor update 2.3h released.

  • FlashBoot no longer blurs on displays with high pixel density
  • FlashBoot icon has been updated for better legibility on dark backgrounds
  • FlashBoot no longer depends on Windows Plug-and-Play subsystem
  • The following error has been fixed:
    Can't open input WIM file "...":
    An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format.

Sep, 21 of 2016 Minor update 2.3g released.

  1. New FlashBoot icon
  2. New method of soft replug after repartitioning, so following errors and warnings are gone forever:
    • "Please DISCONNECT this USB disk from Windows and UNPLUG it"
    • "This USB disk was disconnected from Windows. Please UNPLUG AND PLUG IT BACK before using"
  3. Enumeration of conflicting processes (which keep open files and prevent exclusive access to USB storage device) was made compatible with WOW64 environment
  4. 64-bit helper DLL is no longer necessary

Sep, 01 of 2016 Minor update 2.3f released.

Multiple internal optimizations to reduce program size.

Aug, 14 of 2016 Minor update 2.3e released.

Further improvements in the installation of full-featured Windows to USB thumbdrives/HDDs:

  • Fixed manual replug warning which sometimes occured after filesystem creation.
  • Improved error diagnostics during WIM extraction phase.

Jul, 30 of 2016 Minor update 2.3d released.

Improvements in the installation of full-featured Windows to USB thumbdrives/HDDs:

  • Added support for choosing installation image from multi-image WIM files.
  • Added support for LZMS-compressed installation images.

Jul, 06 of 2016 Minor update 2.3c released.

Support for split WIM files (.SWM) has been added to the FlashBoot

Jun, 10 of 2016 Minor update 2.3b released.

  • FlashBoot has been updated to accept license keys generated by FastSpring.
  • Each registered user of FlashBoot now has a private URL to the convenient installer with embedded license key. This URL also can be used for updating FlashBoot to the latest version. (Click "More Info..." on the FlashBoot Welcome screen to display it.)

Sep, 14 of 2015 Minor update 2.3a released.

Error messages for rejected input CDs/DVDs or ISO files have been improved. Now these error messages contain full list of required files and folders.

Aug, 20 of 2015 Major update 2.3 released.

UEFI support has been added to the FlashBoot:

  • Installation of fully-functional Windows 8/8.1/10 to USB thumbdrive/HDD in UEFI mode
  • Conversion of Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 installation DVD to USB thumbdrive/HDD in UEFI mode
  • UEFI shell

Because of UEFI Platform requirements for Secure Boot, first two features from the above require full version of FlashBoot.

Retail price for FlashBoot permanently increased by 5 EUR. Users of the previous versions can upgrade for free.

Aug, 08 of 2015 Minor update 2.2j released.

  • FlashBoot can install Windows 10 to USB thumbdrives.
  • Fixed crash in 64-bit helper DLL.

Jun, 22 of 2015 Minor update 2.2i released.

FlashBoot installer has been updated to avoid the following UAC-related error: "CreateProcess failed; code 740. The requested operation requires elevation."

Jun, 19 of 2015 Minor update 2.2h released.

Improved support for conversion of Linux disks based on recent versions of IsoLinux.

Jun, 11 of 2015 Minor update 2.2g released.

Method of enumeration of globally opened files has been improved. If FlashBoot can't open USB device for exclusive access, it lists all conflicting processes which hold open files or folders on the USB device. Some processes could evade this enumeration on NT 6.0+ until this update.

Jun, 10 of 2015 Minor update 2.2f released.

  • New FlashBoot can install both Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 to USB thumbdrives.
  • New FlashBoot will run under Windows 10.
  • FlashBoot has been updated to accept license keys generated by BitsDuJour.

Dec, 15 of 2013 Minor update 2.2e released.

FlashBoot has been updated to be compatible with Windows 8.1.

Oct, 09 of 2013 Minor update 2.2d released.

FlashBoot has been updated to accept license keys generated by Avangate.

Apr, 02 of 2013 Minor update 2.2c released.

Installation of Windows 8 to USB thumbdrive: This version fixes problems with non-functional Windows Update and inability to create System Restore Points.

Feb, 28 of 2013 Minor update 2.2b released.

FlashBoot now supports conversion of Windows Vista/7/8 installation DVD to USB thumbdrive with NTFS filesystem. This feature is useful for customized DVDs with 4Gb+ \sources\install.wim file.

Feb, 27 of 2013 Minor update 2.2a released.

FlashBoot now turns off swap file (in registry settings) when installing Windows 8 to USB

Feb, 26 of 2013 New version 2.2 released.

  • FlashBoot now supports installation of fully-functional Windows 8 to USB (so you can carry your OS, your apps, your documents, your browser in the pocket, run it in public library, in internet-cafe, work-from-home etc).
  • Full version of FlashBoot now can upgrade USB thumbdrive or USB HDD formatted in the demo version (no full reformatting required anymore).
  • GUI version of FlashBoot now can dump non-VFAT USB thumdrives to image files in RAW mode.
  • Abandoned version of NT password editor (taken from old version of EBCD) was excluded from FlashBoot to reduce size of downloadable file.
  • Retail price was permanently decreased by 10 EUR.

Apr, 26 of 2012 Minor update 2.1s released.

Fixed a bug in UTF-16 conversion code (special case for surrogate characters)

Mar, 08 of 2012 Minor update 2.1r released.

FlashBoot NT password editor: Fixed shared library loading error (which occured when mounting NTFS partitions).

Mar, 06 of 2012 Minor update 2.1q released.

FlashBoot now runs on Windows 8 (Consumer Preview).

Feb, 03 of 2012 Minor update 2.1p released.

A bug in UDF Unicode filename conversion code was fixed. Windows 7 and Windows Vista DVD discs and ISO files should work as expected now (some of them were not recognized by FlashBoot 2.1d-2.1n).

Dec, 12 of 2011 Minor update 2.1n released.

  • FlashBoot now can read its license key file from My Documents. This is for users who run FlashBoot on Windows 7 or Windows Vista with UAC enabled (and Program Files is not writable). Name of FlashBoot license key file should be either "flashboot_license_key.xml" or "license_key.xml". FlashBoot still recognizes license key file in its installation folder.
  • Size of FlashBoot core DLL file was reduced by 28%.

Jul, 02 of 2011 Minor update 2.1m released.

  • This update should fix the assertion failure 2051/JT9RU in version 2.1k. Previous versions could have this error too, but under different ID.
  • Version number "2.1l" skipped because of possible confusion with "2.11".

Jul, 01 of 2011 Minor update 2.1k released.

Changes in EBCD (v1.2b -> v1.2d) were backported to FlashBoot Password Editor.

Jun, 30 of 2011 Minor update 2.1j released.

Changes in EBCD (v1.2a -> v1.2b) were backported to FlashBoot Password Editor.

Jun, 16 of 2011 Minor update 2.1i released.

Changes in EBCD (v1.2 -> v1.2a) were backported to FlashBoot Password Editor.

May, 25 of 2011 Minor update 2.1h released.

FlashBoot installer for Windows XP now quickformats target disk.

May, 23 of 2011 Minor update 2.1g released.

Changes in EBCD (v1.1k -> v1.2) were backported to FlashBoot Password Editor.

May, 01 of 2011 Minor update 2.1f released.

Fixed a few bugs in the implementation of new features introduced in v2.1e.

Apr, 29 of 2011 Minor update 2.1e released.

  • FlashBoot now can leave unallocated space at the end of formatted disk. You can create NTFS, EXT3 or any other partitions there if you have such requirements.
  • Windows 7 is now mentioned along with Windows Vista in all GUI elements and CLI texts, so new users won't be confused about supported systems and conversion options.
  • Builtins/FreeDOS scenario explicitly marked as tester to aid in product evaluation for new users.

Note for users of console version: ConvertWinVistaInstallCDorDVD scenario was renamed to ConvertWinVistaOr7InstallCDorDVD, almost all scenarios have new option: -reserve. Specify it as -reserve 0 if you want to keep status quo.

Apr, 28 of 2011 Minor update 2.1d released.

  • FlashBoot now supports UDF filesystem (readonly). Windows Vista and Windows 7 installation DVD discs and image files now can be processed by FlashBoot without preconversion to ISO9660.
  • "Support for UDF filesystem for CD/DVDs and image files" option removed from FlashBoot Next Feature Poll, being #1 and having 34.9% votes at the moment.

Mar, 23 of 2011 Minor update 2.1c released.

Added auto-adjustment of size of filesystem within wntsetup.img for Windows XP Installation CD Conversion scenario.

Mar, 15 of 2011 Minor update 2.1b released.

More BIOS compatibility enhancements in FlashBoot Stage2 Loader.

Mar, 13 of 2011 Minor update 2.1a released.

BIOS compatibility enhancements in FlashBoot Stage2 Loader:

  • INT13h handler, requests unrelated to USB bootdisk: made reenterable.
  • INT13h handler, requests related to USB bootdisk: now has explicit reenterability guards.
  • INT13h/AH=08h, requests unrelated to USB bootdisk, interclass disk remap case: now returns proper count of disks in its class.
  • Added 'Self-testing... ' message for better debugging of BIOS hanging.Please report all such cases to flashboot@prime-expert.com, include information about your motherboard/notebook model and BIOS version.

Mar, 11 of 2011 New version 2.1 released.

Fixed longstanding BIOS compatibility bug. Error occured when booting from FlashBoot-formatted USB disk and reads as:

   LBA not available

   CHS not available

   Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to reboot.

Affected hardware:

  • Lenovo ThinkPad T500
  • Lenovo ThinkPad T400
  • Lenovo ThinkPad T42P
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X201
  • Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds
  • Lenovo ThinkPad T410s
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X201
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X201s
  • Lenovo Ideapad S10e
  • IBM ThinkPad T42
  • IBM ThinkPad X41 tablet
  • Toshiba M40 300
  • Toshiba SM30 164
  • Toshiba Satellite A215-S7422
  • Samsung N130
  • Samsung N510
  • Samsung NC10 (np-nc10-ka06nl)
  • Dell Inspiron 910
  • Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (1011)
  • Dell Studio 1537
  • Compaq Presario 2135 US
  • Acer Aspire 1350

Mar, 07 of 2011 Minor update 2.0w released.

Demo bootability date interval changed from [d, d+30days] to [d-2days, d+30days] where d is a formatting date. Reason: compatibility with time zone differences between formatting and booting machine.

Mar, 04 of 2011 Minor update 2.0v released.

Fixed assertion failure 103/KC2WF which occured when raw-copying USB disk to USB disk of smaller size.

Oct, 22 of 2010 Minor update 2.0u released.

  • DRP is now aligned for int13h backend access via LBA.
  • Fixed assertion error in builtin password editor ported from EBCD.

Sep, 05 of 2010 Minor update 2.0t released.

Fixed a bug in FAT32 formatting code which caused 100GB+ partitions to appear as smaller ones in Windows.

Aug, 04 of 2010 Important update 2.0s released.

Now FlashBoot Stage2 Loader can handle BIOSes which require disk reset (int 13h/ah=0) after each failed read or write.

Aug, 03 of 2010 Important update 2.0r released.

Now FlashBoot Stage2 Loader can handle BIOSes which support slow single-sector I/O only.

Aug, 02 of 2010 Important update 2.0q released.

This update should fix BIOS incompatibility problem which caused "LBA verification failed, falling back to CHS / disk error" message. See details in new section "Decoding Loader Messages" of the help file.

Jul, 24 of 2010 Minor update 2.0p released.

  • Added support for USB devices which do not strictly conform to write-through requirements, i.e. reorder read/write requests and return prior block contents after writing.
  • When write verification fails for USB device, detailed dump of 512-byte sector is written to log.

Jul, 24 of 2010 Minor update 2.0o released.

  • ConvertWinXpInstallCDorDVD scenario: Size of FAT16 image file used for Windows XP setup extended from 700 MB to 900 MB to fit certain localized versions of Windows XP SP3.
  • Size of USB and other disks is displayed with fractional part now.

Jul, 19 of 2010 Minor update 2.0n released.

  • Fixed "assertion failed" error 1022/EH8UZ aka 1661/VK9MW ("C++ runtime error: invalid vector&lt;T&gt; subscript" in pre-2.0k versions).
  • I/O errors are now appended to log.
  • Progress window is forcibly redrawn before displaying error windows, so changed title and other window status changes should be visible now.
  • Fixed a bug in a code which converts sizes and offsets to human-readable strings.
  • Descriptions for I/O errors made more user-friendly.

Jul, 17 of 2010 Minor update 2.0m released.

When write verification fails for default 2 Mbyte block, FlashBoot silently tries to split the block into 64 Kbyte chunks and retry the write operation for each chunk before reporting error to the user.

Version number "2.0l" skipped because of visual ambiguity with "2.01"

Jul, 17 of 2010 Minor update 2.0k released.

Errors of out-of-bound access to std::vector<T> and std::basic_string<T> are now assertion failures with enough information to track them to source file name and line number.

Jun, 17 of 2010 Minor update 2.0j released.

Size of all storage devices except floppies and CD/DVD drives is now displayed along with drive letter and vendor/model name.

Jun, 13 of 2010 Minor update 2.0i released.

  • BIOS compatibility improvements
  • Bugfixes in 16-bit helper utility (Windows 2000/XP setup wrapper)

Jun, 11 of 2010 Important bugfix update 2.0h released.

  • Stage2 loader: Fixed probable cause of "disk error" in LBA mode under certain BIOSes which have DRP trashed after return from int 0x13/ah=0x42/43
  • Raw copy scenario, target is image file: Assertion failure fixed
  • Old stage2 loader printed frontend CHS geometry as backend CHS geometry and vice versa; now it prints CHS geometry in the right order.

Jun, 10 of 2010 Minor update 2.0g released.

  • Portable version added
  • Fixed a bug which prevented FlashBoot from accessing floppy disk drives. The error message was: "Failed to get length information for disk A:, Failed to get geometry information for disk A:"
  • New FlashBoot prepends [Demo] to window title bar in demo mode.
  • Minor UI enhancement: Title of the progress window changed to 'FlashBoot is creating non-bootable USB disk' for QuickFormat and Wipe scenarios (previous FlashBoot version displayed 'FlashBoot is creating bootable USB disk')

May, 30 of 2010 Minor update 2.0f released.

Raw copy scenario:

  • Fixed non-reachability bug in GUI version (floppy-wrapping scenario was executed instead).
  • Fixed somewhat disappointing trace messages in console version.

FlashBoot now prepends summary information (shown on the last wizard page) to the logfile.

Adobe Flash-driven screenshot gallery of Windows XP installation from FlashBoot-formatted USB thumbdrive added to website.

May, 19 of 2010 Minor update 2.0e released.

Bugfixes in BartPE conversion module

May, 17 of 2010 Minor update 2.0d released.

  • FlashBoot starts faster now
  • Added support for Windows XP SP3 in scenarios of recovery console extraction and BartPE conversion
  • Bugfixes in logfile saving code
  • URL on the first page of wizard made clickable

May, 17 of 2010 Minor update 2.0c released.

All x64-specific code moved to separate DLL, size of FlashBoot setup distribution effectively halved.

May, 13 of 2010 Minor update 2.0b released.

Fixed date conversion error which might occur at conversion of customized BartPE versions:

*** ERROR ***

Failed to convert broken-down UTC time to time_t

May, 10 of 2010 Minor update 2.0a released.

When FlashBoot finishes formatting of USB disk, it issues soft replug to force Windows to rescan changed partition table. Unfortunately, some rare USB thumbdrives do not support soft replug. Formerly, FlashBoot printed error message like this:

Unmounting VFAT filesystem in partition #1 of physical disk #3 (E:) ...

*** ERROR ***

Failed to restart device USBSTOR\Disk&Ven_SanDisk&Prod_...:

device restart required system reboot

Starting with version 2.0a, FlashBoot would issue warning rather than error in such situation. Warning message contains some instructions for user, aimed to explain better what it means and what should be done next. Warning message would be either

Unmounting VFAT filesystem in partition #1 of physical disk #3 (E:) ...

*** WARNING for physical disk #3 (E:) ***

Please DISCONNECT this USB disk from Windows and UNPLUG it.

- or -

Unmounting VFAT filesystem in partition #1 of physical disk #3 (E:) ...

*** WARNING for physical disk #3 (E:) ***

This USB disk was disconnected from Windows.

Please UNPLUG AND PLUG IT BACK before using.

As before, vast majority of USB thumbdrives is processed without such warnings.

May, 05 of 2010 New version 2.0 released.

FlashBoot 2.0 is a major step forward towards improvement of the software and satisfying user needs. Its code was rewritten from the ground up since old version 1.4 released in 2006.

Here is a list of improvements:

  • Full compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7, both x86 and x64 editions
  • Support for USB disks larger than 4 GB (up to 2 TB)
  • Support for conversion of Windows XP/Vista/7 installation CD to bootable USB disk
  • Support for extraction of Windows XP recovery console to bootable USB disk
  • Support for conversion of generic CD discs to bootable USB disks (operating system or boot loader of such generic CD disc must access boot device exclusively via BIOS API)
  • Support for multiformat USB disks (FlashBoot 2 does not shift to user the burden of choice between "USB-ZIP" and "USB-HDD" anymore. There is one unified format, "Multiformat", and every USB disk is formatted by FlashBoot will work in all conditions: both USB-ZIP and USB-HDD. This is for sake of maximum compatibility.)
  • Support for boot time mapping to either A: or C:, chosen by user at format time, not by machine-specific BIOS at boot time
  • Support for explicit specification of USB disk CHS geometry by user at format time, not by machine-specific BIOS at boot time
  • Greater BIOS and USB disk compatibility (explicit measures taken in order to support BIOSes which do not map USB boot disk to INT 13h devices 0 or 0x80; emulation of MBR track if it's stripped off by BIOS; FlashBoot loader always provides LBA and CHS disk access to USB disk for OS code).
  • Autodetection of input CD/DVD/floppy/USB disk type. User does not have to make choice from long list of all possible disk types, it is detected automatically. But experienced user can override autodetection results and make choice from the full list.
  • Less restrictive limitations of demo version (30-days bootability in V2 vs. one-time bootability in V1, 16 tries per physical USB disk in V2 vs. 10 tries per physical USB disk in V1)
  • Full support for Unicode file names
  • Command-line interface as alternative to GUI for users who need automation
  • Improved old features (support for new SYSLINUX/ISOLINUX versions, BartPE, GRUB4DOS)
  • Support for copying RAW, fixed-size image files to/from USB disks
  • Support for full erase format (wipe) of USB disks
  • Improved explanation for busy USB disks (reporting the full list of conflicting processes/windows)
  • Improved error handling and reporting (especially for broken "silent-forgetter" flash memory cells)
  • Better UI (more details, explicit warnings) to prevent unintended formatting of wrong USB disk from multiple plugged ones or USB HDD instead of USB Flash disk.
  • NT password editor is now integrated to FlashBoot, end user does not have to download any additional third-party files to use this feature.

All users who ordered FlashBoot V1 can upgrade to FlashBoot V2 free of charge, just by copying license key file to installation folder of FlashBoot V2.